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CASIO Travel Calculator SL797TV

CASIO Travel Calculator SL797TV

CASIO EPOS Cash Register TE4000PLUSDL3617

CASIO EPOS Cash Register TE4000PLUSDL3617

CASIO Touch POS Cash Register QT6600-SET

  • .Stylish smart touch with 15 inch color display.
  • .Stylish smart touch
  • .Easy to use
  • .Connectivity
  • *Six RS232c ports support flexible, varied configurations of peripherals such as printers, scanners, scales and PCs.
  • *1 x Ethernet with a speed of 10/100 Base T/TX ensures smooth in-house communication with other equipment, and the ability to use a popular CAT5 cable makes wiring easy as well.
  • *2 x drawer ports are standard equipment.
  • *An optionally available QT-6060D remote customer display offers a selection of from one to three backlight colors.
  • *Operator recognition is achieved by secret code, optional dallas key or optional MCR.
  • *Connection of an optionally (locally sourced) order-entry terminal for order taking and receipt issuing is also possible.
  • *Bar-code scanning handles registration of bar-coded items basic to the hospitality environment.
  • *The system also supports configuration of additional (locally sourced) options such as a PS2 keyboard and scale.
  • .Security
  • *Operation resumes quickly after power failures or other such interruptions.
  • *An intuitive screen layout reduces training time for new employees.
  • *A master and master backup system keeps your business in operation.
  • .System Configuration
  • *Restaurants
  • *Specialty food stores, delicatessens
  • *Fast-food restaurants, bakeries, cafes, pizza parlors, etc.
  • .PC Software
  • *Sales information analysis
  • *Itemized sales analysis
  • .Choice of PC communication methods
  • *RS232c (direct connection with PC/modem)
  • *TCP/IP (direct connection with PC)
  • *FTP (LAN connection with PC)
  • *Suitable for chain store businesses, which can connect a QT-6600 in each store with headquarters by Internet for remote maintenance.
  • .User-friendly programming tools
  • .Other convenient PC software features
  • .Options
  • *External thermal LAN printer
  • *External remote display
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  • .Display:-15-inch color LCD with touch-panel control
  • .Environment:-Operating temperature 0 to 40°C  , Operating humidity 20 to 85% RH
  • .Dimensions:-362 x 354 x 368 mm
  • .Weight:- Approx 8.3 kg (including stand)
  • .Power consumption:-AC 120-240V +/-10%/Max. 1.5A
  • .Communication port:-Ethernet (10/100 Base-T/Tx) x 1 , RS232c x 6
  • .Memory card slots:- CF x 1
  • .Drawer ports:- 2
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