CASIO Label Printer Accessories XR-12YW1-W-DJ

CASIO Label Printer Accessories XR-12YW1-W-DJ

CASIO Label It Label Printer KL-130-W-DH

CASIO Label It Label Printer KL-130-W-DH

CASIO Graphing Calculators FX-CG50-S-DH

  • rogrammable

  • Financial

  • Graphing

  • Number of Functions : Over 2900

  • Programmable

  • Financial

  • Graphing

  • Natural textbook display

  • Icon menu

  • Color display

  • Backlight

  • Dot matrix display

  • High Resolution


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  • Memory

    No. of memory: 28
    Answer Memory
    Add-in Function
    Memory Protection
    Reset Function
  • Power supply

    AAA-size Battery
    Approximate battery life Main 170 hours
    Auto Power Off
  • Accessories

    3-pin cable, USB cable, Hard Case
  • Display format settings

    Number Format: Fix
    Number Format: Sci
    Number Format: Norm
    Engineering Symbol
    Engineering Notation
    Toggling Calculation Results
  • Basic calculation

    Basic Calculation
    Bracket Calculation
    Fraction Calculation
    Degree, Minute, Secound (Sexagesimal) Calculations
    Reciprocal Calculation
    Percent List Calculation
    Factorial Function
    Calculation with √ and π
    Rounding Function
  • Advanced calculation

    Transcendental number: e
    Base-n calculation
    Logical Operators
    Complex number calculation
    Matrix calculations
    Vector calculations
    Differential calculation
    Integration calculation
  • Applied calculation

    Multi-statement Command, Output Command (: / ◢)
    Continuous Calculation
    Replay Function
    Multi-replay Function
    SOLVE Function
  • Financial calculation

    Simple Interest Mode
    Compound Interest Mode (Calculation)
    Day Calculation Mode (Calculation)
  • Basic functions

    Basic Mathematical Functions
    Number of Functions : Over 2900
    Absolute Value Calculation
    Power Function (Square)
    Power Function
    Power Function (Square Root)
    Trigonometric Function
    Inverse Trigonometric Function
    Hyperbolic / Inverse Hyperbolic Function
    Exponential Calculation
    Logarithmic Calculation
    Log not base 10
    Coordinate Conversion
    Combination / Permutation
    GCD / LCM
    Determine the Integer Part
    Random Number Generation
    Random Integer Generation
    Catalog Function
  • Other functions

    Geometry Application
  • Physics- and chemistry-related functions

    Metric conversion function
    Periodic Table
  • Statistical data

    List based STAT-data editor
  • Statistical calculation

    Statistics Function
    Basic Statistics
    Intermediate Statistics
    Advanced Statistics
    Distribution Calculations
  • Statistical graphs

    Statistical Graphs
  • Basic graph function

    Rectangular coordinate graphing
    Polar coordinate graphing
    Parametric function graphing
    Inequality graphing
    Domain graph/ Range graph
    Integration graph
    Conic section graph
    Trace, Zoom (box zoom, zoom in, zoom out, auto zoom)
    Solve (root, minimum, maximum, intersection, integration)
    Sketch (tangent line, normal line, inverse function)
    Recursion graph
    3D Graph
  • Graph application function

    Table and Graph
    Dual graph (table and graph, graph and graph)
    Dynamic graph
    Picture Plot (pre-installed software)
  • Geometry function

    File operations for Geometry
    Drawing and editing objects for Geometry
    Construct objects for Geometry
    Measurements of an object
  • Calculator program function

    BASIC LIKE Program
  • Program capacity

    Memory : 61,000 bytes
  • Permitted in exams

    AP / SAT / SAT Subject / PSAT / NMSQT / ACT / IB
  • Exam-mode compatible

    Examination mode
  • Connection to peripheral devices

    Connection to another calculator
    Direct connection with projectors
    Connection to PC
    Data Logger
  • Size (D × W × H)

    188.5 × 89 × 18.6 mm
  • Weight

    230 g
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